Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday fun!

Last week was my birthday week and as usual Andrew ensured that it was full of celebration. On my actual birthday we went and saw...

I bawled!!!! I highly recommend this movie, however, if you are prone to crying wait until it comes out on video. Seriously people I was swallowing my sobs as tears streamed down my face. Andrew thought maybe it wasn't the best choice for a birthday film!

Other birthday festivities included...
Bowling!!! It was my first time 10 pin bowling; I need some practice

We visited some bead stores in Toronto. I left with a little bag of goodies to get my craft on!

Shellac manicure. Attention ladies if you haven't tried Shellac manicures yet get on it! They last for 14 days without chipping. Bonus: they are really shiny too.
And lastly wine, lots of wine... 


diggym said...

I love how Andrew loves you and spoils you. LU MOM

natster said...

Happy belated Jennukah!! Glad to see you had an awesome day!

Miss you!

(p.s. .. didn't even know you had this blog! nice!)