Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Eats

I had to share an amazing meal I had last  week. I went to a restaurant in Waterloo that I had completely forgotten about called Thrive Juice Bar. If you have never been I highly recommend it. 

The owner is always there and super friendly. My first time there he introduced me to my now daily habit of Vegn smoothies. This nutrient packed smoothy powder is the perfect addition to any morning smoothly routine. Thank goodness the powder is now availble at my local Zehrs; I am not sure it would be economical to drive to Waterloo every time I wanted it. 

Now back to my meal. Every time I go here for food I tell myself I will try something different; every time it comes to ordering I get the pad thai. 

I love this pad thai. I mean LOVE! It is made with a cashew based sauce that has just the right amount of creamy texture to spice. All the veggies are fresh and add a nice crunch to the creamy dish. 

My friend ordered the Mediterranean rice bowl. The guacamole at the front was delicious and very fresh tasting. 

It goes without saying you MUST order one of their delicious smoothies or juices while there. I ordered the BIG GREEN, a usual for me. It has wheat grass, spirulina, cucumber, kale, spinach, apple and lemon. 

I really wanted to try their vegan peanut butter cup for dessert, but sadly they were out. Sob. I guess I will have to go back. Don't fret, I improvised for dessert. Grande, decaf, soy, Americano Misto... yum...

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