Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back on Track

Alright well after a great thanksgiving it is time to go back to our normal eating. The number one trick to this is portion sizes. Generally speaking when it comes to holidays we over eat. Our goal the week after a holiday should be getting back to our normal portion sizes. This may mean feeling a little hungrier than usual, but that is just your body readjusting to its old ways.

1.) Don't eat while preparing food. (This can be the source of many hidden calories)
2.) Don't eat standing up. (We tend to eat faster and then we don't feel full when we are done)
3.) Measure out what you will eat. ( If you are having some cracker don't eat out of the box, grab what you will eat and DON'T GO BACK)
4.) Drink lots of fluids and warm drinks to help you feel full.

I know all of these tricks are easier said then done. If you find that you slip up one day don't just through in the towel. Go easy on yourself and try to be better the next day. Sometimes it helps to write down your eating goals for the day or have an accountability partner. Hope this helps.

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