Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Festive Fitness Challenge is here! Come one come all. 

Three years ago it dawned on me that everyone has something they want to change about their health: be it their lifestyle, their fitness or their body. This got me thinking, what stops them? I think the number one answer is motivation! We live in a society of distractions. We may recognize we need a change, however, we often don’t make it until our bodies break down on us. Well lets not wait! A great deal of the risk factors of disease are preventable. In addition if you are already living with a disease, changes in lifestyle can make it more comfortable and can even slow the progression of that disease. So, out of all of this the “Family Fitness Challenge” was born. As a family we made individual eating and exercise goals. We promised to keep them for a month and had a little prize at the end. Over the years numerous people have asked if they could join. Everyone needs motivation to make and maintain lifestyle changes. So I say lets do it. Come one come all to the first annual Festive Fitness Challenge. 

The Guidelines: 
You need to pick the 30 day challenge or the 45 day challenge. Everyone makes one fitness goal and one dietary goal. For fitness you need to workout a MINIMUM of 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Don’t stop there though, push yourself to 4 or 5 times when you are ready.  For the dietary goal you need to cut something from your diet. Goals of the past have been junk food, eating after dinner, coke, popcorn etc. The key is too pick something that will affect your daily eating habits. The dietary goal should be small enough that is attainable but something that is challenging. 

I would love to hear about everyones progress here on the blog. 

For Forms: Email, I will email them to you

Lets see how many people you can get to join you. Good luck!


Leslie said...

One more reason to do join the challenge!

JenE said...

Beautiful! So are you in?

lynn.faubert said...

OK - so I've got 7 people so far. And I'm not done yet...!

JenE said...


diggym said...

I've hidden my favorite left over Halloween chocolate bars (carmel) into the dark recesses of our pantry until after the Fitness Challenge is over. Dad and I have given up red meat and I've eliminated eating after supper. We will conquer!! Thanks Jen for doing this for everyone.

JenE said...

Good job! Andrew took our extra candy to school.