Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday

Although I didn't really make any New Years resolutions, I am hoping to read more this year. For the first time in a long time I have time to read what I want, when I want. Of course, I also have goals for what I am trying to read; I am Jen after all.  To get me going, I wanted to find a quick, fun read; hence the pick below:

I am about halfway through this. It's fast paced, inventive and easy to follow.

The second book I am reading right now is more on the health/nutrition topic. As seen below:

So why did I chose this one? Do I think that I am an emotional eater? Well, I think we all are emotional eaters from time to time. In fact, I am even more convinced of this after reading the first couple of chapters. I also believe that as women, with our monthly hormonal changes, we are more susceptible to emotional eating.

So what are the BIG IDEAS:
1.) Eat when you are hungry. This is easier said than done. Sometimes we forget what it feels like to be hungry. Is our brain telling us we are hungry because we are walking by our favourite bakery or are we actually physically hungry. This chapter describes peoples' fears when it comes to "finding" their hunger. People fear testing and waiting until they get hungry because they fear they will never feel hungry. They also fear they will miss out on some great food, they may get the sensation of feeling empty when hungry, they wont know what physical hunger feels like and may confuse it with emotional hunger. If you are really struggling with this, the author suggests delaying a normal meal time to find what hunger really feels like. You will eventually feel hungry, science promises this.

2.) Distracted eating: 
We live in a fast paced environment these days and often eat while in the car, walking or standing in front of the fridge. Eating like this can cause you to be unsatisfied with your "meal" and cause you to continue to graze afterwards. The author outlines some simple and not so simple guidelines to follow to help your meals be more satisfying.
1.) Eat in full view of spouse, roommate, friends, kids, etc
2.) Eat when you are sitting down
3.) Eat without distractions: tv, reading, computer etc.
4.) When you eat do so in a comfortable environment
5.) Avoid emotional conversations when eating.

That is as far as I have gotten so far, however, I am sure I will finish this book by weeks end. If you feel you have a problem with emotional eating this is a great read.


Anonymous said...

What do YOU think about this technique? The reason I ask is, many people do not feel hungry in the morning, and when you don't kick-start your metabolism, you can last longer without eating during the day. Is this what the author means?

diggym said...

I easily be an emotional eater when I am not spiritually fit. I am a firm believer in 3 squares a day with healthy snacks inbetween my main meals. I personally don't think it is healthy to eat when you are hungry. I think you then run the risk of scarfing down unhealthy choices because you've lowered your blood sugar and your body will be craving sugars and that's likely what you'll grab.

JenE said...

Hi All, I have been thinking about it. For those who don't seem to get hungry in the morning I definatly think it is more important to have your breakfast than wait. Years of research has shown this is an important meal to rev up your metabolism. Eating breakfast is associated with decreased body fat and decrease cholesterol. That is a great point thanks for bringing it up!