Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I am reading Wednesday

Why didn't anyone tell me that The Hunger Games is seriously addicting. I am now on book 2 and should finish it today. I am sooooooo looking forward to the movie coming out. Have you watched the trailer yet?

I am still reading the book on emotional eating. This book is very insightful. Although it is told from the author's perspective, she manages to capture alternative viewpoints by telling other people's stories alongside her own. 

One chapter I found interesting and probably very applicable to many was a chapter about when to stop eating. When is enough, enough? Can you be satisfied without stuffing yourself?

When to stop eating: 
1.) You need to ask yourself if you are truly hungry before you start eating.
2.) Pay close attention to what you feel is "enough". The author suggests that you test yourself by changing the amount you eat at each meal over a couple of weeks. Let yourself feel what "full" feels like, what "stuffed" feels like, and what just enough feels like. We don't often take the time to know what these sensations are. The author also suggests that the difference between being hungry and having "enough" can be the difference of a bite or two.

Personally, I think it will take time to learn what enough is. Many of us grew up in homes where we were told "enough" was when we cleaned our plates; or were told enough was when we ate 5 more bites before we could leave the table. We weren't taught to listen to our bodies. I wonder if we slowly forget that our bodies do tell us when enough is enough.

3.)Once you have decided to stop eating push your plate away, have a waiter come and take it, or take it to the kitchen. Don't let your good decision be ruined by unconscious picking at the end of the meal.

These are all helpful little tidbits that everyone should use. The fact of the matter is we all over eat from time to time.

Alright now back to my addicting book....

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