Thursday, November 17, 2011

Festive Fitness Challenge 2011

Here we go AGAIN!!! The snow is falling and Christmas decorations are starting to go up, well mine at least. 

Well this means time for winter tires, mittens and... it is time for the 5th annual Family Fitness Challenge which is now the 2nd annual Festive Fitness Challenge!!!!  Lets start by giving a rundown of the rules. The challenge will run Nov 20-Dec 23rd. 


1.) If you are not currently active you must engage in a physical activity 3 x per week for 30min.

2.) If you are already active you must engage in a physical activity 5x per week for 30min
3.) All participants must give up one bad food/ bad eating habit. 

Why do we do this? Five years ago it dawned on me that everyone has something they want to change about their health: be it their lifestyle, their fitness or their eating habits. This got me thinking, what stops them? I think the number one answer is motivation! We live in a society of distractions. We may recognize we need a change, however, we too often don’t make it until our bodies break down on us. Well lets not wait! A great deal of the risk factors for disease are preventable or modifiable. In addition, if you are already living with a disease, changes in lifestyle can improve your symptoms or even slow the progression of disease. So, out of all of this the “Family Fitness Challenge” was born. As a family we made individual eating and exercise goals. We promised to keep them for a month and had a little prize at the end. Over the years numerous people have asked if they could join. Everyone needs motivation to make and maintain lifestyle changes. So I say lets do it. Come one come all to the second annual Festive Fitness Challenge. 

As usual Andrew and I will be giving up junk food. Other ideas from past years: not eating after dinner, giving up pop, popcorn, red meat etc. If you want to post below in the comments what you are committing to giving up, I would love to hear everyones sacrifices. In addition, I will try to post about healthy eating/living for the next month here on the blog. If there is anything you would like me to post about please just let me know. Good luck everyone! Remember the key to success is finding someone to keep you accountable and planning ahead. Ask your friends to join!

Lastly, remember to give yourself a reward at the end, something to work towards! 

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