Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Start Day

Ready, set, go! Today marks the start of the Festive Fitness Challenge. As I mentioned in my earlier post Andrew and I will be giving up junk food. More specifically we are giving up candy, chips and chocolate, as well as desserts. In addition Andrew has given up alcohol. So family and friends what did you give up?

In addition to what we have given up I will be taking on an additional challenge. Drum roll... I will be using my juicer everyday! After a month of talking Andrew's ear off about the benefits of juicing we finally got one. We bought it in the summer and I use it A LOT!!! The only draw back is cleaning it. Since getting the juicer I have been more careful about buying organic produce. I do however, still buy a lot of things that aren't organic for two reasons: first cost and second we live in Hickville ON, ie: not everything is available to us here. 

Earlier this year I came across a list of what is called the "dirty dozen". These foods contain the highest amount of pesticides, I always get them organic. 

Dirty Dozen: 
Bell Peppers

If you can't find organic try to buy local produce. Local foods tend to have less chemicals as they don't need to have the shelf life of foods coming from places as far away as Mexico and China. 

As for my juice today this is what it looked like before I juiced it.

This is what my juice looked like after I made it. This post was sponsored by Starbucks. Ok not really I had to pay for the plastic cup and I love it!
Remember stay strong, day 1-3 are always the hardest and then you get into the groove. Good luck everyone!

PS. Sebastien is tired from all his exercise on day 1 of the Festive Fitness Challenge. 


Anonymous said...

Whoohoo! We are in! No junk food, desserts, and sugary drinks. Goodbye chocolate (sob!). And what is the big deal picking on red meat? A girls gotta love a little steak right? This is an awesome idea. Keep me updated with your nutrition knowledge!

JenE said...

Good job! As requested I can do a post on meat if you would like.

Jacquie said...

We are excited! We have decided as a family that when we are all home for dinner, we will do our best to only put local meat and produce on the table.

I am going to give up sugary treats (has become a bit of a habit lately) and eating popcorn in the late evening (which Larry hates!)

Carson is giving up junk in his lunch and Larry is giving up COFFEE!!! (I am not joining him!)
Looking forward to the challenge.

Thanks again Jen for blogging and keeping us all motivated.

JenE said...

Good job on the coffee Larry! Champ!

diggym said...

So, dad and I are adding one more spin class to our workout session and the one on Friday is the extreme one...has 9 tracks instead of 7, so pretty intense to say the least...did I say I'd miss the first Friday as I'm shopping in Detroit until I that's got to count for something...besides stupidity I mean!!!!
So, we've given up red meat and I'm off of bread and before dinner snacks...the cheese and such....this is always so good just before Christmas....thanks again Jenn for getting us going once again this year. Love your blogs and great tips.