Monday, November 28, 2011

Staying active

How is the fitness challenge going for everyone? Andrew and I are doing well. Andrew has tried running again after a long time off due to a back injury. On his lighter days he goes for walks with Sebastien and I.

Andrew and Sebastien

Sebastien staying warm in his winter coat
Being active all my life I understand that we all go through periods where we lose motivation. When I was younger I was always part of a team. First baseball, then soccer and finally swimming. Being a part of a team meant that I was obligated to go to practice no matter how I felt. Now that I am older, I am not a part of any teams so I have nobody holding me accountable to stay active except for me.  I have learned there are a couple of things you can do to help you keep your motivation: take a class or join a running group, remind yourself of your goals, and lastly ask someone to hold you accountable. One of the biggest motivators for me is having an active husband. We are both highly competitive so we tend to feed off of each other. This is one of the reasons I feel getting your entire family active is important.  Below is a quick list I have come up with to keep us going through the rest of the challenge.

Ten ways to stay active:

1.) Take a walk
2.) Join a gym. (Try to find one that offers free classes with membership)
3.) Find a workout buddy. It is easier to stay motivated when you workout in groups.
4.) Use your lunch break wisely
5.) Get your family involved
6.) Join our festive fitness challenge
7.) Check out this website: (Great variety of yoga for only $20 dollars a month.) I have been doing my yoga off this sight for about 6 months. Although I love the idea of going to class I enjoy the ease of working out from home.
8.) Time Crunch? (love love love this site. Great workouts on the fly)
9.) Park your car far away. DON'T BE A DIVA PARKER.
10.) Buy a dog!!! We did!

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diggym said...

Thanks once again Jen. Doing regular spin classes, ie doing exercise in a group setting is a great motivator. When Dad or I miss a spin class, the "regulars" wonder where we are. Kind of neat how they keep me accountable. Also, we both keep each other motivated, to keep fit and active as we get older has become very important and a part of our life style now. And the beneifts are amazing.