Friday, December 9, 2011


The week is over and I get to spend the weekend with my husband! My weekend will consist of all things Christmas: Christmas shopping, Christmas movies, and a Christmas party. My week consisted of the following...
Puppies! The blonde puppy is not mine.. more info tomorrow.
Nails!: Got a couple of new polishes from the OPI Muppet collection.
Soy Egg Nog: My sister found this. I had it in my coffee all week long. Thanks Jac! 
Juice:  Andrew is enjoying his juice more this week as I am keeping the kale far from his cup.
Guess who's is who's.
Hot Yoga: I hadn't been in 4 months and was hoping it wouldn't feel too hot after such a long time away. It actually wasn't too bad.

For those who don't know what hot yoga is it basically it is what it sounds like, yoga in a hot room.  95-100 degrees F to be exact. It is good but it is a time commitment. Each class is 90 minutes long. It is also expensive. Fortunately I got passes last year during a sale. 

Why do I like hot yoga. 
1.) My body likes it. I feel good after.
2.) It is a time where you can forget your day and just focus on you.
3.) You do it as part of a community.
4.) The diversity of people in each class is amazing!

What is questionable about hot yoga.
1.) There is little research into everything that hot yoga promises. Detoxing, immune boosting. Although there is a chance it may do these things I am not sure whether there is evidence that it goes above and beyond other types of exercise.
2.) You sweat! I sweat from places I didn't even know I could sweat from. When I take off my yoga clothes they feel like I went swimming in them. Yuk!
3.) I swear I am the last person in the class to break a sweat. I go completely beat red. Everyone around me is dripping and my body refuses to get rid of the heat. Finally at about the 40 minute mark beads of sweat start appearing on my head. ahhh. I am hoping this will change as I go more.

Although I am a newbie at hot yoga I would like to think i will keep it up. For a great testimonial on the benefits an individual can get from hot yoga read Here.

Happy Weekend!

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